zzzzz1030717_people_1You might not think you’re dragging your team down as a leader, and in fact, you may not be. However, you can still manage to keep your team at a substandard level. Though they don’t sink, they don’t grow, either, making it difficult to ever further your company’s success. Synergy is what makes an office successful, and that’s what you should be encouraging every step of the way. Whether an employee works four or forty hours a week, they should be on board with the plan of your company and help it rise above the rest.

Invite Employee Families to Participate

When you want to make your employees feel appreciated, the easiest way to do so is to appreciate their families. Have family days and group activities where families can enjoy themselves. Sometimes a nice picnic in the park with all of your employees and their most precious relatives can encourage that employee to talk to the other employees at the office as well – someone with young children may find out that someone in a different department has young children too.

Offer Rewards

Nothing makes people work better than incentives. Offering rewards for things can get kind of pricey, but it’s worth every penny when you begin to see your employees really do their best at their jobs. Encourage your employees to work together to get the prize of the week; make sure that every prize you offer can be split among several people equally so each individual in a particular team has a reason to work with the other team members.