You see all of those big companies produce email after email and you stop and wonder how they possibly do it. You assume that it’s because they’re a huge company and can afford to hire six writers to get things done. This isn’t necessarily true; in fact, sometimes a single writer and publicist produce an entire newsletter by themselves (Pepsi Co, for example, only has a team of four write their email publications). Believe it or not, a lot can be done by one person – but how? It’s certainly not by writing fresh content each and every week. Check out these locations for information you can repurpose.

Trade Publications

Not everyone has the time (or the money) to subscribe to trade publications that you may have a free subscription to as a business owner. If you find something interesting in one of them, there should be no reason you should hesitate about sharing it. Oftentimes, even if you can’t share the exact publication due to copyrights, you can discuss it and put many of the ideas into your own words on your blog or in your email newsletter.

Tradeshow Information

If you’ve been touring tradeshows, put together some information about everything you’ve learned from said tradeshows. There are likely a lot of new ideas and products you’ve seen and learned about, and many of them will not have had the time to visit these tradeshows themselves. Educate them so they can make a good decision next time they purchase a service.

Survey Results

Send out a survey via a free or paid for tool – Survey Monkey comes to mind – and ask your audience about what kind of information they wish to receive. This way, you can give them the exact information they requested.